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2019 Fall Swimming Lessons

THANK YOU  for a great summer of swimming lessons! We can't wait until next year! 

2019 Fall swimming lesson registration is OPEN! Click HERE for a copy of our registration form! 

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Private and Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons are sold in packages of 4-30 minute lessons. Lessons include one-on-one time with the instructor as well as curriculum geared towards the goals of the swimmer. After registering with member services, a swim lesson instructor will contact you via telephone to set up your lessons.

Member: $68          Potential Member: $88

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Semi-private lessons are sold in packages of 4-30minute lessons. Lessons include individualized time with the instructor. Semi-private lessons are ideal for pre-established small groups of people with similar abilities and goals. The cost is per person. You must create your own small group of similar level participants. After registering with member services, a swim lesson instructor will contact you via telephone to set up your lessons.

Cost per person: Member: $48          Potential Member: $68

     Click HERE for the Private Swimming lesson registration form


What level is my child?

Level 1: Ages 5 - 7
Introduction to water skills. This level is ideal for children that have not had previous swim instruction or are unable or uncomfortable putting their entire face in the water.

Level 2: Ages 7 & 8
Fundamental aquatic skills. This level is for children that are able to put their face in the water but are unable to independently float on their front and back.

Level 3: Ages 8 & 9
Stroke Development. In this level, students will continue to build on the fundamentals learned in previous levels. Skills introduced in this level include: rotary breathing, front crawl, butterfly kick, survival float and much more.

Level 4: Ages 9 & 10
Stroke Improvement. In this level, students will develop confidence in their swimming skills. Skills mastered in this level include: swimming 25 yards of front crawl & elementary backstroke 15 yards of butterfly, backstroke and back crawl.

Level 5: Ages 9 - 12
Stroke Refinement. Students will master the following skills: standing dive, pike and tuck surface dives, front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, shallow dive, flip turn and elementary backstroke.

Level 6: Ages 11 - 13
Swimming and skill proficiency. The purpose of this level is for students to refine strokes and be able to swim with ease, efficiency, power and effectiveness over a great distance. Some skills for lifeguarding and fitness will be taught.

Pre-School Swim Lessons

Preschool One: For children taking lessons for the first time. Kids learn water adjustment skills, front and back float

Preschool Two: For children who can float on their front and back. Kids will learn to move in the water on their front and back.

Preschool Three: For children who can swim more than half a pool length with a basic stroke and feel comfortable on their back.

Preschool Combo: Preschool combo is a preschool class that combines the skills of preschool one and preschool two. Beginning water adjustment skills are taught as well as floats and learning to move in the water.

Parent-Child Swim Lessons (ages 6 months - 3 years)
Explore the water with your baby/toddler. Basic safety and movements are covered through song, games and other play. Children start moving more independently through the water under their parents’ guidance, preparing them to work directly with an instructor on their own. The child should be able to control head and sit with support.

New to the Fergus Falls YMCA Pool?

Welcome! We are happy you are here!  Help us keep our patrons and facility safe by following the rules below.
                  Be cool, follow the rules


My child is registered for swim lessons. Now what?

Great! We are very excited to help you and your children on their journey to confidence in the water. Please read this swimming lesson information letter from Emily, the Membership and Aquatics Coordinator.
                     Swimming Lesson General Questions 

For questions or more information: aquatics@fergusfallsymca.org

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