Silver Sneakers
SilverSneakers is a health and wellness program that is offered at no additional cost to seniors 65+ on eligable Medicare plans. SilverSneakers provides access to specialized exercise classes online and in person, 15,000+ fitness and community locations nationwide, as well as access to everything each facility has to offer. To check SilverSneaker eligibility or view SilverSneaker FAQ's, click the link below.

For SilverSneaker eligibility or FAQ's, click HERE

Silver & Fit
The Silver & Fit program provides its members with fitness options and healthy aging resources. Members recieve access to a no/low-cost fitness membership through participating fitness centers and YMCA's. Additionally, Silver & Fit members can enjoy workout classes either online or in person. To check Silver & Fit eligibility or view Silver & Fit FAQ's, click the link below.

For Silver & Fit eligibility or FAQ's, click HERE

Renew Active
Renew Active programs offer a free gym membership at no additional cost. Members who qualify will not only recieve a free fitness membership, but also enjoy access to many fitness locations nationwide. Renew active also offers thousands of on-demand workout videos and live streaming fitness classes. In-person classes are also offered. To check Renew Active features, click the link below.

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One Pass
One Pass members qualifty for a free fitness membership at no additional cost. One pass offers access to wide variety of fitness facilities nationwide, along with online and in person fitness classes. Program benefits are dependent upon plan eligibility. Contact your health plan for more information on One Pass eligibility. To view more information on One Pass, click the link below.

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