Swim Lesson Levels

What level is my child?

Parent/Child: 6 months to 3 years

The goal in this 30-minute class is to develop trust around water. Quality with parent and teacher. Parents learn tools to help and hold their child in the water.

Preschool Combo: Approximate ages 3-5 years

They will learn to move more independently in the water on their front and back, with face in the water. Along with Beginner or crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing.  This class is a combination of Preschool 2 and Preschool 3. 

Preschool One: Approximate ages 3-5 years: 

Children will learn water adjustment skills, front and back float, and start moving in the water. Children will become familiar with the water and putting their face in.

Preschool Two :Not currently offered at this time.

Ideal for children who can float on their front and back. They will learn to move more independently in the water on their front and back, with face in the water.

Preschool Three: Not currently offered at this time.

Ideal for children who can swim more than half a pool width with a basic stroke and feel comfortable on their back. They will learn beginner or crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing. 

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills approximately ages 5-7 years:

For the beginner who is comfortable in the water but has not had previous swim instruction. Children will be working on putting faces in the water.

Swimmers learn how to enter and exit the water safely, learning to submerge mouth, nose and eyes and breath control, front and back float and recover to a stand, changing direction in the water, swimming 5 feet on front and back.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills Approximate ages 6-7 years:

For children that are able to float on front and back independently.

Swimmers will work on: Entering water by stepping or jumping in from the side, submerging entire head, blowing bubbles, open eyes underwater, front and back glide, front crawl arms and kicks, back crawl arms and kicks, retrieving underwater objects, and jumping into water over their head.      

Level 3: Stroke Development Approximate ages 7-9 years:

Swimmers should already be comfortable swimming front stroke and swimming on their back. Children will continue to build on fundamentals learned in previous levels.

Swimmers will work on: gliding, front crawl with side breathing, back crawl, basic breaststroke, and dolphin kicks, retrieving objects in deeper water, basic treading water, and jumping into deep water.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement Approximate ages 9-10 years:

Children will develop confidence in their swimming skills. Skills mastered int his level include: swimming 25 yards of front & back crawl, as well as 15 yards of butterfly, backstroke, and elementary backstroke. 

Swimmers will work on: rotary breathing, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, scissors kick and sidestroke, whip kick and breaststroke, intro to turning at the wall, treading water with modified scissors.     

Level 5: Stroke Refinement Approximate ages 11-12 years: 

Swimmers should already be able to: swim freestyle (front crawl), breaststroke and backstroke 25 yards, scissors kick, whip kick, treading water.

Swimmers will work on: alternate breathing, stride jump, refinement of freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, dolphin kick and butterfly, open turn on front and back, feet-first surface dive, and treading water.     

Level 6: Swimming Skills Proficiency Approximate ages 12-13 years:

The purpose of this level is for children to refine the strokes and be able to swim with ease, efficiency, power, and effectiveness over a great distance. Some skills for basic lifeguarding and fitness will also be taught. 

Swimmers should already be able to: swim front and back crawl 50 yds, elementary backstroke 25 yards, breaststroke 25 yards, butterfly 25 yards, sidestroke 10 yards, tread water for 3 minutes.

Swimmers will work on: All six strokes, front and back crawl flip turn, breaststroke turn, breaststroke speed turn and pullout, butterfly turn, sidestroke turn, pike and tuck, tread water for five minutes, and basic water rescue.

Teens Ages 13-17:

Teen swim lessons are a great way for people 13-17 to learn or improve their swimming skills. These classes are designed for adults and cater to different skill levels from beginners to more advanced swimmers. Whether you are starting from scratch, or want to improve your technique, adult swim lessons will provide a supportive and safe environment to build confidence in the water.


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