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Home school Swim & Gym is a co-ed physical education program designed to provide home school students an opportunity to strengthen their motor skills in a safe and fun environment. The goal of the program is to help each student understand the importance of good health, fair play, and teamwork. Because every child learns and develops at different levels, YMCA coaches adapt the structured activities to meet each child’s needs.

Ages 5 to 8 and ages 9 to 12 participate in 40 minutes of swimming instruction and 40 minutes of gym activities. Everyone should bring a swimsuit and towel, gym shoes and a water bottle.

Gym activities for ages 5 to 12 include fitness testing, floor hockey, dodge ball, soccer, and yoga.

Pool activities for ages 5 to 7 include pool rules, pool safety and swim exercises to help each kid feel confident in the water, following directions and accepting constructive criticism.

Pool activities for ages 8 to 12 include treading water, floating, front crawl, and side stroke, butterfly, swimming for fitness, being confident in the water, following directions and accepting constructive criticism.

Educator/parent/guardian policy: A parent must come into the building and sign each child in and out every Friday. Students are not allowed to do this for themselves.

On the first day of class, there are multiple forms for each family to complete and a short meeting for both participants and parents for announcements and daily specifics. Families are asked to arrive five minutes early to allow enough time for this.

Ages 5 to 7 should come dressed in their swimsuits under their gym clothes. Parents will meet their children at the family locker rooms after class to assist them with getting dried off and changed into street clothes.

Starting with the second week of classes, ages 5 to 7 start in the gym and then transition to the pool. Ages 8 to 12 will start on the pool deck, in their swimsuits and ready to get into the water, and then transition to the gym. Teens start in the gym.

Program will begin October 6th through April 26, 2019

Monthly Sessions Offered - Friday's

Price: Members $15 Each Additional Child $10

Potential Members $20 Each Additional Child $15

Family Options for 3 or more kids - Contact Sports Coordinator for more details.

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